Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Global Client Solutions (GCS) provides debt settlement program participants with third-party payment processing. Global Client Solutions provides processing solutions to customers of experienced financial management professionals who can help to design practical plans for saving money and paying down debts. More than 500 debt settlement companies around the nation have recommended GCS as a payment solutions provider.

The firm maintains the greatest commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. GCS allows customers to have control over their own money and offers an important separation between consumers and debt settlement companies.

GCS clients establish a Dedicated Account upon signing up for services. This FDIC-insured vehicle provides for automatic monthly withdrawals and disbursements to approved recipients.

Customers receive monthly statements from GCS and can access account information easily through an online platform. The firm maintains a team of trained representatives who are ready to provide assistance should any questions or issues arise. More information about the firm’s services for both consumers and debt settlement companies is available online at